Employee Benefits

Brighton Benefit Solutions can be your personal benefit administrator.

Employee benefits are expensive and they take a lot of time to research, implement, maintain, and reconcile.  Brighton Benefit Solutions can help you with any or all of these processes.  Employee benefits are necessary to provide in order to reward & retain your employees. No need to burden current employees with benefit tasks or hire a new employee to manage your company benefits. Whatever your benefit shortcomings may be, Brighton Benefit Solutions can help you fill in the gaps without having to over burden your current workforce.  We can assist with:

  • Benefit eligibility & tracking
  • Enrollment  & paperwork
  • Conducting benefit meetings
  • Handling premium payments to providers
  • Reconciliation of benefit statements
  • Creation & disbursement of benefit communications to employees
  • 401k benefit administration including filing of annual 5500 reports

Brighton Benefit Solutions is partnered with a reputable insurance broker to help assist you with selection, quotes, and insurance enrollment.  We can help you provide & implement health, dental, vision, 401k, or life insurance options for your employees.  Let  Brighton Benefit Solutions help you become the employer that employees want to work for.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a huge issue right now and it is difficult and time consuming to know and understand all the guidelines and requirements.  Brighton Benefit Solutions is partnered with LifePlan Financial to assist with the process to find and understand group coverage for your employees.  We can help you through the health questionnaires & search for the best coverage at the best price for your group.

Dental & Vision Insurance

Dental and vision insurances are definitely added benefits for employees.  If you are looking for information regarding a dental plan or vision plan or if you are already committed and just trying to find the best rate.  We can help!


Our partner, LifePlan Financial, can also assist your company with starting your own 401k.  Nothing says you value your employees like offering a benefit that will see them through their retirement years.  

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an added benefit that can be easily tied in with your medical or dental insurance.  Even adding a small amount of life insurance can help an employee's family pay for funeral costs and shows employees that you truly care as an employer.

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